KARIU started with the vision of 2 sisters: Kathy for KA and Ariou for RIU (nickname for Arielle). The brand name is a combination of both of our names. As young mothers we had the idea of making baby clothes but not any type of clothes. We felt there was a lack of stylish and quality clothes at a middle price point for the fashion minded and social conscious parent.


Borned and raised in Haiti, we wanted the clothes to be produced in our Caribbean nation, a beautiful country rich in nature and culture but struggling with economic development, auto-sufficiency and poverty. Producing them in Haiti will give Haitian artisans more business , which will benefit the local economy. Six months after Kariu was born, we decided to support the education of the children of Haiti.  In 2015, almost 200,000 children remained out of school (WorldBank, 2015). Although enrollment rates have increase these last years, many children drop out of school before the end of primary school. We will sponsor these kids not only for a year or two but during all their primary school years. We are ready to face the challenges ahead and to make it a reality. 

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