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Education is the one of the best weapon to fight poverty and ignorance

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Facts about Education in Haiti 

Haiti's education faces a shortage of schooling infrastructure, trained teachers, and effective governance mechanisms . All of which has been worsen by the 2010 earthquake . There is not enough spaces for children to enroll in free public schools, as four out of five primary schools in Haiti are private.  Tuition, even in the lowest-cost private schools, was prohibitive for poor families, especially for those living in rural areas characterized by poverty rates of 82 percent (77 percent living in extreme poverty). Although access to education has improved dramatically over the past twenty years due to high demand from families and a proliferation of low-cost private schools, challenges still exist regarding late entry and school progression due to the cost burden on families . While 90 percent of children aged between 6 and 12 are enrolled in school, they start primary school on average two years later than national goals suggest, and once at school, only 50 percent of students successfully reach sixth grade on time. (Source: WorldBank)

Who do we work with?

Since we are physically located in Haiti, we have total control over the funds because we are dealing directly with the schools the children are enrolled in. For many of these children not only do we pay the full tuition year, we also provide them with uniforms and books when needed.  We are currently working with a primary schools in the area of Cavaillon, a village located in the south-west part of the island. It costs on average 60$ usd for a full year scholarship in a primary school in that area. We choose children who are the poorest and can't attend school or started the school year and can't finish  because their parents can't afford it. In bigger cities tuition fees are higher ( $130us/year) , but it is much lower in smaller towns. We provide 1 full-year of scholarship to these children. We will not only sponsor these children for 1 year , but for their whole primary school years.  We make sure that the schools have a legal permit from the government to operate. We also have a signed testament from the children parents accepting our sponsorship and allowing us to posts their pictures and names on our social media and website.  

You can go to MEET OUR SPONSEES to see the names and pictures of the kids and the schools  

We produce locally to contribute to the development of Haiti's economy

We will post our goals and results along the way so we can track our success

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